Our employees are our greatest brand ambassadors. We hire individuals who are self - driven & believe in themselves and their ability to deliver. Our 12 cultural anchors are the DNA of our organization and help us get the right fitment for our organization – individuals who are hand-in-glove fit to the roles in terms of their experience & skills and have the ability to align to our organization culture.

We understand that the ongoing shift to the knowledge economy—and now to the human economy—along with the rise of Millennials as the largest cohort of workers, means that offering a personally fulfilling workplace where all employees can achieve their full potential is no longer optional. The direct correlation between an engaged employee and a successful business has been proven time and again. At the rate at which we are growing, and aspire to grow, we need to ensure we have effective employee engagement strategies to ensure a balanced task force through reduction in attrition, building team efficiencies, productivity improvement, leading to better customer engagement and risk portfolios, and making more profits.

Our Cultural Anchors



A mindset (attitude) that makes one sense opportunities, to create new business or new ways of doing things.


High on Ambition

Desire, conviction and a can-do attitude to achieve success.


Long term focus

Taking 5-7 years view on every business.



Rightful conduct in all dealings with people, money and company assets.



Grounded and modest sense of oneself; respect for others contribution in achieving one’s success & status.



Personally responsible and accountable for the work and people one leads, take decision and action and own the consequences.


Execution Rigor

End to end planning, detailing, monitoring and follow up to lead to committed result.


Rewarding Success

Celebrating and reward result, exceptional efforts and taking initiatives.


Hard work & Drive

Willing to put in significant hard work personally, and ensuring that the team work equally hard to make things happen.


Emotional Intelligence

Awareness and management of personal emotions, empathizing with others and developing positive relationships.


Open Transparent

Honest, straightforward and non-political in presenting personal thoughts, equally receptive in listening to other’s view-points.


Non conformist intellectual capital

Not follow established customs, attitudes or ideas, Constantly challenges status quo to break the mould, be tenacious and ambitious beyond organizational boundaries.

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