Upcoming IPOs in India in 2023

Explore the list of upcoming IPOs 2023, featuring information on their open and close dates, and get a preview of the estimated opening dates for the next set of IPOs in the coming months.
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About IPOs

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the process by which a private company invites the public to purchase its shares for the first time. Through IPOs, companies can raise capital by offering their equity to regular investors.

Companies use the capital gained through IPOs to purchase equipment, specialised machinery and also repay debts. They can also use the capital for research and development or expansion.

IPOs provide you with the opportunity to become the owner of a newly listed company and benefit from the rise in share prices. Here are some of the reasons why you can consider investing in an IPO:

  • You’ll get the chance to invest early in companies with high-growth potential.
  • You can benefit from the long-term growth potential through IPO investment, as you get access to shares at the listing price.
  • Liquidity in IPOs is high, and you can easily sell the shares and make a quick profit on the investments.

We make the process of applying for an IPO easier than ever; you don’t have to search for information or documents as the details are pre-filled. Open a Demat account with us in a few minutes and apply for an IPO with your UPI ID.

What are upcoming IPOs?

Upcoming IPOs refer to the Initial Public Offerings of those companies that are gearing up to list their shares on stock exchanges for the first time. Only after an IPO, you can buy and sell shares of the company on stock exchanges.

Upcoming IPOs generate interest among investors because it is an opportunity to invest in companies with growth potential. Over recent years, investor demand for IPOs has reached unprecedented levels and companies have been able to raise substantial funds.

Considering the high level of interest, upcoming IPOs are expected to lead to similar levels of participation from them. You can take a look at the tentative dates of IPOs lined up for this year on this site.

How to apply for an IPO with Bajaj Securities - Web?

  1. Login to your trading platform, choose IPO from the Menu
  2. See Open IPOs and select apply
  3. Enter quantity and your UPI ID
  4. And you are done

How to invest in IPO with a Demat account?

  1. Visit our IPO Application Page
  2. Enter Client Code & click Proceed
  3. Validate OTP
  4. Select the IPO, provide necessary details, Enter UPI ID & select the UPI handle
  5. Submit the application
  6. Ensure the specified amount is there in your account
  7. Open your UPI app and approve the block mandate request
  8. In some cases, there may be some delay in the request to appear on your UPI app
  9. Your account balance to the extent of amount applied in the IPO will be blocked in your bank account
  10. The amount will be deducted only if you get the IPO allocation, or else the amount will be unblocked in your bank account in case of an unsuccessful IPO application

How to invest in IPO if you don’t have a Demat account?

  • Visit our IPO Application Page
  • Enter PAN number & mobile number
  • Validate the OTP received
  • Select the IPO in which you want to bid
  • Provide necessary details, Enter UPI ID & select the UPI handle and submit an application
  • Ensure the specified amount is there in your account
  • Open your UPI app and approve the block mandate request
  • In some cases, there may be some delay in the request to appear on your UPI app
  • Your account balance to the extent of amount applied in the IPO will be blocked in your bank account
  • The amount will be deducted only if you get the IPO allocation, or else the amount will be unblocked in your bank account in case of an unsuccessful IPO application

Why invest in IPO?

Here’s why you need to invest in IPOs:

  • Unleash Massive Earning Potential

    IPOs provide a great opportunity to buy shares at their listing price, thus they have a massive upside potential on investments.
  • Long-term growth potential

    IPO investors share the belief that share prices rise after its launch, especially if the company is a reputable company with an established market presence. This is one of the most important reasons why people prefer investing during an IPO.
  • Portfolio diversification

    Investing in an IPO is an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio. Equity from IPO holds the potential to generate higher returns compared to other asset classes.

Benefits of applying in IPO through us

Check the key benefits of investing in an IPO through us:

  • Quick account opening process:

    While a Demat account is necessary for bidding in an IPO, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have it. Through us, you can open a Demat account in 10 minutes. Click here to open a Demat and trading account
  • Apply in IPO through UPI ID:

    Now, you can apply for an IPO through your UPI ID. No paperwork or bank account details are required.
  • Fill form instantly:

    Your details will be pre-filled if you already have a Demat and trading account with us. So, there’s no need to waste time searching for any document or information while applying for an IPO.

Why does company launch an IPO?

Check the key reasons why a company launches an IPO:

  • Raising capital

    It helps to raise funds which help companies clear their debts, acquire cutting-edge technologies, and focus on capital expenditure, research and development.
  • Enhancing brand visibility and credibility

    An IPO brings a company’s brand into the spotlight. A company needs to open itself up to scrutiny to build credibility and improve brand equity. This makes newly listed companies highly transparent.
  • Liquidity of shareholders

    Existing shareholders can sell off their shares at their convenience. Only after an IPO, do companies get listed on stock exchanges and you get a chance to buy and sell shares as and when you need to.
  • Expansion and future growth opportunities

    Increasing the customer base and expanding its facilities are important catalysts for a company’s growth. The money a company accumulates through an IPO improves its growth trajectory.

Who can invest in IPO?

SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has segmented investors eligible to take part in the IPO bidding process, into four categories:

  • Qualified Institutional Investors (QIIs): This category includes public financial institutions, foreign portfolio investors, asset management companies (AMCs) and commercial banks registered with SEBI.
    If the QIIs end up purchasing more shares, you’ll have lesser shares to invest in. So, to maintain stability in the IPO process, SEBI has said that the allocation for QIIs should not be more than 50%.
  • Anchor Investors: Anchor investors are QIIs that have assets exceeding Rs.10 crore. They can purchase a maximum of 60% of the shares reserved for QIIs. Promoters, merchant bankers and direct relatives don’t fall under this category.
  • Retail Investors: Individuals who can invest up to Rs.2 lakh in a new IPO lot are retail investors. SEBI has mandated a minimum allocation of 35% under the retail quota. If there’s an oversubscription, companies need to issue a minimum of one lot of shares to each retail investor. If that’s not possible, a lottery system is used to distribute IPO shares.
    Resident and non-resident Indians (NRIs) and HUFs fall under this category of investors.
  • High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) or Non-Institutional Investors (NIIs): Individuals and institutions which make investments exceeding Rs.2 lakh are known as HNIs and NIIs respectively. Unlike QIIs, NIIs don’t have to register their details with SEBI.
    Usually, companies reserve 15% of IPO for HNIs and NIIs.

Tata Technologies IPO:

Tata Technologies, incorporated in August 1994 is a global engineering and IT services company that provides product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise software solutions. They offer services to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and consumer goods. The company is a subsidiary of Tata Motors which is one of India's largest automotive manufacturers.

Mamaearth IPO:

Mamaearth, incorporated in September 2016 is an Indian personal care and baby care brand that specializes in natural, toxin-free products. They offer a wide range of skincare, haircare, and baby care products made from natural ingredients. The company has gained popularity for its focus on sustainability and its commitment to providing safe and eco-friendly products.

Go-Digit IPO:

Go-digit also known as Digit Insurance, incorporated in December 2016, is an Indian digital insurance company that offers a range of general insurance products. The company provide coverage for vehicles, health, travel, and home, among other insurance categories. Go-digit utilizes technology to simplify the insurance process and enhance customer experience.

Snapdeal Limited IPO:

Snapdeal, incorporated in February 2010 is an Indian e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers and sellers across various product categories. It offers a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more. Snapdeal initially gained prominence as a competitor to other major e-commerce platforms in India.

FAQs on upcoming IPOs

Around 20 IPOs in mainboard and Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) are expected in 2023 as per the data available on exchange till March 2023. The total issue size of these IPOs is approximately 7000Cr. Never miss any update on the upcoming IPO! The table at the top of this page gets regularly updated with latest IPO details.

You need to have a Demat & Trading account to apply in an IPO. You can open your free Demat and Trading account with Bajaj Financial Securities Ltd. You also need a UPI ID as UPI mandate is the easiest and fastest way to apply in an IPO. If you do not have a UPI ID, you can also apply through netbanking ASBA service provided by your bank. If you are a BFSL customer, click here to apply for an ongoing IPO.

There are many bigwigs lined up for 2023. Go Air IPO, Ola Cabs IPO, Oyo IPO, MobiKwik IPO, Fabindia IPO, Snapdeal IPO are some of them. To stay abreast on the upcoming IPOs, kindly keep an eye on this space.

The option to apply for any IPO will be available with your stockbroker. If you are new to the stock market, you can open your Demat and Trading account with Bajaj Financial Securities Limited and get an option to apply in all IPOs in a few clicks. Click here to open demat account.

IPO Funding, also known as IPO Financing, is a short-term loan given to investors by financial institutions. Investors avail this loan to invest more in IPOs and increase their application size to enhance their potential returns from an upcoming IPO. The institution lends the money and charges interest for the number of days the loan amount is outstanding. Once the shares are listed and if the investor gets the allocation, the shares can be sold, and the proceeds can be used to repay the loan and the remaining amount can be taken by the investor.

Yes, if you are a retail investor, you can cancel or modify your IPO application request online after you have submitted it. In case you can not modify it yourself, you can reach out to the broker on whose platform you applied for IPO and request for modification or deletion. However, it is important to note that the modification or cancellation can be done only till the subscription window is open. Once you cancel your application the funds will be unblocked after 24 hours. Also note that for HNI investors, the option to modify is available, however, cancellation is not available.

Subscribing to an IPO is very simple.

  • Login to your broker’s platform
  • Go to the IPO section
  • Apply for an ongoing IPO
  • You must add your Demat account details, PAN number and choose the number of lots you want to apply for.
  • Enter your UPI ID. You will get a notification on your UPI app to accept the payment mandate.
  • You need to accept the mandate to complete the process.
  • You will be notified on the allotment date, if you get the shares, or else, the amount blocked in your bank account will be unblocked again.
To apply instantly in ongoing IPOs you can download Bajaj Securities App and Open Demat & Trading Account within minutes. If you are an existing customer of Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, you can apply for IPO on Bajaj Securities App by clicking on Menu> IPOs/NCD > Open IPO

You can check the IPO start date on any brokerage platform or the information is published by all financial news platforms. If you want to know all the details, starting from Start Date to Issue Price, you can visit this page regularly to stay updated about IPOs.

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