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Check how the Margin Trade Financing works while you are buying stocks.

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Benefits of Using Margin Trade Financing with Bajaj Broking

  • Low interest rates

  • Get up to 4X leverage based on your cash and stock available in your portfolio
  • Pay a small initial margin and carry the position for 365 days

Follow 3 Easy Steps to Trade in MTF

Frequently Asked Questions

Interest charges applicable on Margin Trade Financing as per the brokerage plans

  • Freedom Pack: 18%
  • Professional Pack: 12.5% p.a.
  • Bajaj Privilege Club: Low Interest Rates

Benefits of Having a MTF Account:

  • Take long positions despite low funds in your account
  • Enhance your buying power by up to 5X
  • 1300+ stocks scripts available
  • Carry the position up to 365 days
  • Low interest rates
  • Pledge existing shares as collateral to pay margins

How to Pledge you shares?

  • You will receive a link from NSDL and CDSL after 6 PM on T day
  • Open the link and submit your PAN details
  • Select your stocks you wish to pledge and click submit
  • You will receive an OTP. Enter it and confirm pledging
  • Your pledge confirmation is done

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