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How to Open Demat Account?

Visit Account Opening form

Complete your personal & bank details

Upload Documents

Select your preferred pack

Complete your E-sign

Documents Required To Open Demat Account

Pan Card

Address Proof: Driving License, Aadhar Card etc.

Signature on a plain paper

Cancelled cheque or last 3 months’ bank statement

Income statement (if you wish to activate F&O)

Why Open Demat Account with BFSL?

Benefit from Having a single account for all your trading and investing needs

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Fully digitized & secured
onboarding process

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What is Demat Account?

Benefits of having a Demat Account
  • Demat account make things swifter and more convenient . One can transfer, sell, or buy securities & funds with the snap of your fingure
  • Demat accounts automatically updates corporate gains like bonus issue, stock splits, or right shares provided by companies
  • All in one investment account as you can organize all your bonds, equities, other securities, shares, and investments in a single place
Common Terms of a Demat Account
  • Depository : A Depository refers to an entity that holds financial securities in a dematerialized form.
    At present, there are two Depositories: NSDL and CDSL.
  • Depository Participant (DP) : DP is the agent or the registered stockbroker of a Depository.
  • Portfolio Holding : Portfolio holdings encompass a wide range of investment products including stockes, bounds, Futures & options, etc. for an induvidual, it is referred to as their securities or other instruments held by the fund.
  • Unique ID : It is as 16-digit numeric or alphanumeric string that is associated with single entity within a given system. The first eight digits are the DP id, and the last 8 are the Client ID (investor account).
Trading Options via BFSL Demat Account
  • Margine Trade Financing (MTF) : Enjoy Trading with up to 5X margin exposure on 1400+ stockes
  • IPO : Bid on your preferred companies while the company goes public
  • Futures & Options : Capitalized on market volatility with futures or enjoy a no-obligation agreement
    with options.
  • Intraday Trading : Buy/sell equities from listed companies with Intraday trading and take advantage of short-term investment returns.
  • Stock Investment : Buy/Sell Shares of Quoted Companies in india (BSE /NSE)

How to Open Demat Account with BFSL?

The process to online Demat account opening entails a user providing basic deatils and relevant proof documents.
One can open free Demat Account online today within a few minutes Demat Account opening is an east process
with these simple steps:

  • Visit Demat account opening online
  • Enter basic details like name, mobile number, email id, PAN Number
  • Add your bank details as this bank will be linked to your Demat Account
  • Select a subscription pack of your choice
  • Upload KYC documents : Pan Card, Adhar Card, Photos Signature
  • Record a short video of yourself to complete in-person verification
  • Review the details enterd and E-sign the form by entering OTP to validate
  • Submit the application and you are ready to invest and trade
  • Add funds from your linked banked account and start trading

before opening a Demat account

The online account opening process has made it really convenient and simple to open a demat account.
But, as an informed investor and trader you must know the following

  • Documents that are needed to open an account:
  • Charges associated with Demat account and trading
  • How robust is the trading platform ?
  • Quality of customer service
  • Ensure Demat and Trading account are with the same broker
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Open Demat Account FAQs

Open Demat & Trading Account online with us for below benefits:

  • Get a free account through Freedom subscription pack
  • Complete online process of account opening
  • Account can be accessed through web and app (Bajaj Securities App)
  • Low brokerage rates
  • Subscription packs to reduce brokerage & Margin Trade Funding interest rate
  • Robust service ecosystem

Demat Accounts can be categorized into various types as below:

  • Single Holder Demat Account: A demat account with single account holder, generally an individual
  • Joint Holder Demat Account: A demat account with multiple account holders
  • Corporate Demat Account: A corporate entity can also open a demat account, their demat account is called a Corporate demat account

Demat Account can be opened for free. Some Depository Participants (DPs) might charge a nominal account opening fee. Along with it, some DPs might charge an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC). With Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, one can open Demat & Trading Account free of cost through Freedom subscription pack.

To open a Demat Account, below documents are required:

  • PAN Card
  • Recent photograph (some brokers will ask for LIVE photograph)
  • Cheque (if online validation of bank account is successful, this may not be required)
  • Proof of Address document – It can be any one from these - Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving Licence, Passport

Basis on whether you want to register as an individual or a corporate or in partnership with another individual, you can open below types of Demat Accounts:

  • Single Holder Demat Account
  • HUF Demat Account
  • Joint Holder Demat Account
  • Corporate Demat Account

To open a Demat Account with Bajaj Financial Securities Limited, one must meet the below criteria:

  • An Indian citizen resident in India
  • Be above the age of 18 years
  • Have a valid PAN card
  • Have valid proof of address

Yes, nomination facility is available in Demat Account. Every Depository Participant (DP) provides the feature to add nominee to Demat Account. Nomination is voluntary and non-compulsory. A Demat holder can change the nominee anytime by contacting the DP and completing the necessary formalities.

Yes, you can open multiple demat accounts but only under the below conditions:

  • You can open one demat account with a DP only once using the same PAN card
  • You can open multiple demat accounts with each with a different DP using the same PAN card

Yes, joint demat accounts can be opened with any Depository Participant. The account holders have to furnish the necessary KYC documents.

In the present time, all companies offer Demat and Trading Account. However, technically speaking, if there is a separate Demat Account and Trading Account of the same user, the same can be linked by following the necessary formalities.

Yes, technically, it is possible to open a Demat Account without opening a Trading Account. However, most companies today provide Demat & Trading Account.

The shares held in a demat account can be transferred to other demat account. The ownership of a Demat Account cannot change. A Demat Account holder can appoint a nominee to his/her demat account, who will be entitled to receive the assets held in demat account in case of a demise of the account holder.

Yes, it is compulsory to have a Demat Account to apply for an IPO in India. While filling the IPO application, it is mandatory to enter the Demat Account number to submit the application.

Demat Account is not required for an SIP in mutual funds. However, if you want to initiate a stock specific SIP, which is a facility being provided by many stockbrokers today, you will need a Demat Account.

Demat Account can be used to hold various types of securities, like- shares, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs.

Yes. In Demat and Trading Account, there is a ledger which holds the money transferred from bank account to the trading account. This money can be withdrawn by placing a withdraw fund request on the demat and trading application. Basis the broker, the fund transfer might take some time as it is subject to clearance from Risk Management team. In case you have some outstanding payments to make, you might not be allowed to withdraw fund until the outstanding is settled.

Yes, you can apply for IPOs using a Demat Account. In IPO application, one has to enter the Demat Account number to submit the application.

Yes, it is possible for an NRI to open a Demat Account in India. However, they need to have a Portfolio Investment Scheme approval from SEBI. The PIS helps NRIs to purchase and sell shares on the stock exchange in India.

One of the major reasons to have a Demat Account is to hold your investments electronically.Other than this, there’s also some aims and objectives for opening a Demat account.

  • Easy transfer of shares – For easy buying and selling of shares through a Demat account.
  • Safeguarding securities – There’s often a risk attached to physical share certificates of getting damaged or misplaced. A Demat Account negates that risk and allows you to safely store your securities.
  • Safeguard from frauds – Unlike physical share certificates that could be subject to forging and fraud, digital share certificates are safe from such risks. This makes share trading safer.

A Demat account is the abbreviated form of dematerialized account. It is used to hold your shares and securities in an electronic form. It is mandatory to have a Demat account in India if you wish to trade and invest in the share market.

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