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What is a power of Attorney?

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Power Of Attorney (POA) Today!

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Benefits you get after submitting POA


Smooth selling of shares without using EDIS


Activate Margin Trade Financing in minutes and trade in delivery even with limited funds


Pledge your shares held in Demat & Trading account to avail margin for trades in Cash or Futures & Options

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Note:Please make sure you follow the steps and sign the POA form as required and ensure it reaches us at the given address:


Customer Service,

Bajaj Broking,

Frequently Asked Questions:

POA is important for online selling of shares present in your Demat & Trading account. In the absence of POA, you must generate CDSL TPIN using EDIS feature on trading platform to sell the shares which is valid for only one day.

Yes, but the online selling of shares present in your Demat & Trading Account is not possible without submission of POA. In the absence you will have to follow the process of EDIS for selling of securities.

Yes, you can through EDIS feature provided by depositories (CDSL/NSDL).

Yes, you can trade intraday in cash and in Future & Options without a POA.
POA will be required when you try to sell the shares from your Demat account or pledge your securities to avail margins in cash or in Futures & Options.

No, scan copy is not acceptable as per the regulators. Original hard copy should be present to avail POA account benefits.


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