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Are you searching for the best online Demat and Trading Account that helps you with low brokerage trading? First, it is essential to understand the two types of brokers in India. Stockbrokers are classified into two categories:

  • Full-Service Broker: Generally, they charge a percent of the trade value. The brokerage charges can range anywhere from 0.05% to 0.75% (can vary as per broker) of the trade value. This implies that brokerage will vary proportionally with the trade value. Full-Service Brokers, as the name suggests, provides multiple service to clients like, dedicated Relationship Manager, Research services, Personal Advisory and Trade Assistance. Because of this added facilities, the brokerage charged is variable.

  • Discount Broker: They charge a flat fee on each executed order, irrespective of the trade value. The brokerage charges can fall between 0 (Zero charges on executed order) to Rs.20 per order. Discount Brokers provide the basic digital ecosystem to trade in share market, because of which they charge a lower brokerage to their clients.

Selecting a broker whether full-service or discount broker depends on your preference. Recent trends show that most new investors are preferring discount brokers due to low brokerage charges. Also, these new investors access market information, research and other services by their own means and use the broker's platform only to place orders.

Low Brokerage Subscription Plans from Bajaj Broking

Bajaj Broking aims to cater to investors of all categories and the ones who are searching for low brokerage trading account can find themselves in the right place by opening Bajaj Broking Demat & Trading Account. Bajaj Broking is one of the growing stock broking companies in India that aims to make trading easily accessible and economical for the investors. One can select a subscription plan that suits the need and trade more at lower brokerage.

Below are various affordable subscription packs that Bajaj Broking offer:

Freedom Pack

  • ₹0 for Equity Delivery
  • ₹20/order for Intraday and F&O Trades
  • MTF: 18% p.a.
  • Yearly subscription charge: 1st year free
    2nd year onwards(inclusive GST): Rs. 431/-

Professional Pack

  • ₹0 for Equity Delivery
  • ₹10/order for Intraday and F&O Trades
  • MTF: 12.5% p.a.
  • Yearly subscription charge (inclusive GST): Rs. 2500/-

Bajaj Privilege Club

  • ₹0 for Equity Delivery
  • ₹5/order for Intraday and F&O Trades
  • One of the Lowest MTF Interest Rates
  • Yearly subscription charge (inclusive GST): Rs. 9999/-

Low Brokerage - Bajaj Broking & other Brokers

There is a growing competition among discount brokers to offer lower brokerage rates. Bajaj Broking stands out in this competition by offering multiple subscription packs that have different yearly demat account opening charges. In these plans, the brokerage reduces as one switches to the premium plans. It aims to serve different traders and investors with different trading frequency. Traders who trade very frequently can opt for Bajaj Privilege Club to enjoy maximum savings on brokerage. To understand how it works better check the table and description below.


Let’s assume, a trader has an average daily trading frequency of 3 trades in an option segment. The annual brokerage charged at Bajaj Broking will be Rs.20 per order. Whereas, if he does same trade with other stockbrokers as per standard brokerage charges, it will be on a much higher side. Below is the calculation explaining the same:

Broker A
(Brokerage @Rs.20/order)
Bajaj Broking
(Brokerage Rs.5/order)
No. of Option trades in a day 3 3
Brokerage per trade (Rs.) 20 5
Daily Brokerage (Rs.) 60 15
Annual Brokerage** (Rs.) 15900 3975
**Assuming that the number of trades is constant for 265 days on which share market was open
  • Broker A: Charged Rs. 15900/-
  • Bajaj Broking: charged Rs. 3975/-

From the above illustration, we can observe with the help of various subscription plans at Bajaj Broking investor may save the brokerage up to 75%.

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