What is Trade & Carry?

Trade and Carry facility, helps enhance the investment potential of traders. With this facility, investors can buy stocks under delivery trade by paying partial margin upfront and the balance outstanding margin can be paid within seven days. This means, a position taken on Monday can be carried till next Tuesday (i.e. T + 2+ 5 Days).

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Benefits of Trade and Carry Facility

Leveraged position for 7 days:

Traders can enjoy a leveraged position in the market for 7 days for delivery trades. The settlement cycle followed will be T+2+5 days.

Enhanced trading potential:

Traders can enhance their investment potential by up to 4 times for delivery trading. For example, if a trader wants to buy 100 shares priced at Rs. 8000 per share, he can do so by paying an initial margin amount of Rs. 2 lakhs and the balance amount of Rs. 6 lakhs can be paid within T+2+5 day.

The outstanding amount, i.e. Rs. 6 lakhs, in this case, can be effectively utilised for taking additional positions.

Applicable for a wide range of scrips:

Trade and Carry facility is applicable for a wide range of scrips. Thus, traders can diversify their portfolio with ease.

How to use Trade and Carry Facility?

While placing order through the mobile trading app or web platform, select TNC from the trade window to specify Trade and Carry order.

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