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With Bajaj Financial Securities limited, open free online Demat and Trading account instantly at one of the lowest brokerage rates in India. Our unique offerings and advanced UI interface has been designed to give a hassle-free trading journey with a lifetime experience.

Trading Account Opening Charges

Opening Charges Free*
Brokerage Charges ₹ 5/order*
Application Process Online within 15 minutes
Demat AMC Free
Trading Products Equity/Derivatives/MTF

What is Trading Account?

A Trading account is basically a platform which helps the investors and traders to buy and sell financial securities like equity, stock, etc.

Investing in stock market provides a conducive medium to grow wealth over a shorter time span. All you need is to know how the market works and the various investment products available. Whether for meeting long term or short-term financial goals, stock investing can provide you opportunities to attain both. To start trading, you need a Demat and Trading Account. While Demat Account helps store shares, Trading Account helps place the buy and sell order in the stock market. Trading Account can be accessed online and enable you to trade from anywhere on mobile or desktop.

Basics of Trading Account

A trading account is a facilitator of buy and sell transactions of stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), etc., An investor, uses the trading account to take positions on stocks and speculate the price movement direction. A trading account is used for intraday trading, long-term investments, etc.,

A trading account is responsible to maintain all the debit and credit transactions.

How Does a Trading Account Work?

Trading account links an investor’s Demat Account with their Bank Account. An investor places a buy order with an exchange and the exchange identifies a matching sell order for the same. Once the due processes are completed by the governing and regulatory bodies, the shares are credited to the Demat Account of the investor and the funds are deducted from the trading account. You add funds in your trading account from your linked bank account.

Types of Trading Accounts

  • Securities/Standard Trading Account: A standard trading account facilitates all the basic requirements of a trader. A trader can trade in intraday, delivery, Futures & Options, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, etc.,
  • Commodity Trading Account: A commodity trading account facilitates the trading of commodities such as gold, crude oil, silver, etc., A commodities account is not required to be linked to a Demat account. This type of account can be opened with a commodities broker, who is an independent broker or registered with a brokerage firm.

Why Open Trading Account with BFSL?

With BFSL Trading account, you will be able to trade in two segments which is Equity Cash Delivery & Intraday and Equity Derivatives (Futures & Options) with a whole catalogue of products and offerings like Margin Trade Financing, IPO Financing etc.

Subscription pack details to avail low brokerage trading account:

Benefits of opening Online Trading Account with BFSL

Trade in various segments

Place buy and sell order in stock market under various segments as mentioned below:
  • Equity Cash (Delivery & Intraday)
  • Equity Derivatives (Futures & Options)

Access from anywhere

Access the trading account from mobile or laptop and trade from anywhere

Trade at lowest brokerage

Trade at one of the lowest brokerage rates through multiple subscription plans. Click here to view details.

How to Open Trading Account?

Follow these steps to open Demat & Trading Account with BFSL:

  • Step 1: Visit the online Demat and Trading Account Opening Form.
  • Step 2: Enter your basic details, Bank details, PAN Number, etc.
  • Step 3: Upload KYC documents (soft copies)
  • Step 4: Finish In-Person Verification (IPV) where you have to record a 30s video of yourself reading the provided script, to confirm your identity.
  • Step 5: E-sign the form through OTP sent on Aadhaar linked mobile number.
  • Step 6: Review & Submit the application

Document Required To Open Trading Account

You need to submit the below mentioned documents to open a Trading account:

  • PAN Card: It’s a mandatory document to open a Demat and Trading account. Ensure the picture and signature are clearly visible
  • Photo: A passport size photograph
  • Address Proof: Any one of these documents - Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport, Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old) or last 3 months bank statement
  • Bank Proof: Any one of these documents - Cancelled cheque, passbook, bank statement of 6 months. Ensure clear visibility of IFSC code and bank a/c number
  • Income Proof: This is required only when you want to trade in Futures & Options. You can provide any one of these documents –
    • Bank statements for 6 months,
    • Net-worth certificate,
    • 3-months’ Salary slips,
    • ITR statement,
    • Demat holding statement or Holding report
  • Open Demat & Trading Account

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    Trading Account FAQs

    Yes, you can open only trading account but to hold your shares in a digital or electronic form, a demat account will be required with any SEBI registered stockbroker.

    You can visit the website and submit the application form. Once the verification is done by the team, your account will be opened.

    BFSL offers one of the lowest brokerage rates with seamless trading platforms. Its unique offerings will boost your investment power.

    Yes, you can invest in IPOs through BFSL trading account. Visit link to apply in Live IPOs.