What is Trading Account?

Investing in stock market provides a conducive medium to grow wealth over a shorter time span. All you need is to know how the market works and the various investment products available. Whether for meeting long-term or short-term financial goals, stock investing can provide you opportunities to attain both. To start trading, you need a Demat & Trading Account. While Demat Account helps store shares, Trading Account helps place the buy and sell order in the stock market. Trading Account can be accessed online and enables you to trade from anywhere on mobile or desktop.

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Trading Account FAQs

Demat Account helps to store shares in digital mode, whereas Trading Account helps place buy and sell order in the share market. Both play a different role in making online share trading possible.

In Intraday trading, the positions are squared-off on the same trading day. If the trader does not close his position on the same trading day, it is automatically squared-off at the market price.

Delivery Trading is when the buyer takes the delivery of shares and holds it over a period of time before selling it. The position is not closed on the same trading day.

BFSL facilitates trading in Equity Derivatives segment. Customer can trade in the following segments of derivatives: Equity Futures, Equity Options.

You can avail the choice of brokerage basis the 3 plans as below:

Freedom Pack

Yearly Subscription Charges:Free

Demat AMC: 1st yr: Free, 2nd yr Onwards: ₹365+GST

Brokerage Rate:

  - Equity Delivery:0.10%

  - Equity Intraday & F&O: ₹17/order

Beginner Pack

Yearly Subscription Charges: ₹500+GST

Demat AMC: ₹899+GST

Brokerage Rate:

  - Equity Delivery: ₹0.99/order

  - Equity Intraday & F&O: ₹9/order

Professional Pack

Yearly Subscription Charges: ₹999+GST

Demat AMC: ₹899+ GST

Brokerage Rate:

  - Equity Delivery & Intraday: ₹0.99/ order

  -  F&O: ₹5 /order