What is PickRight?

PickRight is a marketplace where stock market investors meet stock market advisors. It is a digital investment advisory service, which uses both human and artificial intelligence to create curated stock baskets. Investors can choose their stock baskets depending on their investment style. PickRight uses advanced technology to monitor the performance of investment baskets. They periodically assist with rebalancing the portfolio with changing market conditions. PickRight empowers new and pro investors to build long term portfolio in just a few clicks.

BFSL and PickRight Partnership :

Bajaj Financial Securities Limited (BFSL), has partnered with PickRight Technologies to provide high-quality, and unbiased investment advisory to its customers. BFSL offers Demat and Trading account to its customers at one of the lowest brokerage rates in the industry. Now, along with the host of other features, customers will now be able to access well-researched, customized stock baskets known as “Investpacks” on Bajaj Securities App platform. These investpacks will open new horizons for investing. These are curated stock baskets, covering all sectors, from infra to IT.

Why Choose PickRight?

  • Experts at PickRight prepare stock baskets for long term investment. A keen investor looks out for stocks they can buy and hold for long term. Sometimes it’s not feasible to research extensively and shortlist the stocks. PickRight makes it convenient by serving a readymade portfolio for long term investment.
  • You can diversify your investment with one click, without the hassle of spending hours, researching.
  • You can get an estimate of the returns expected from an investpack.
  • You can stay updated with customized news for the stocks you have invested in.
  • You can be stress-free as PickRight will update you about rebalancing your portfolio on periodic basis with the changing market conditions.
  • With one-click execution, investing has never been simpler and more effective.

Investpacks Available on BFSL :

  • GenNext:This investpack invests in new generation companies across different sectors like IT, Infra, Insurance, etc.,
  • SmartCase:This investpack invests 40% in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and 60% in the equity market. It picks fundamentally strong stocks, which are ideal for beginners. The subscription to this pack is free. Start Investing Now!
  • Hidden Gems:An ideal investment pack for aggressive investors, this pack invests only in select 15-20 companies. It aims to identify stocks that can become multi-bagger in the future.
  • Technology:Concentrating only on the technology sector, the Technology pack focuses on IT stocks and allocates more capital to equities than ETFs.
  • High Growth:This investpack aims to generate long-term returns by investing in equities and equity-related securities across all market capitalizations, with a preference for mid-cap companies.

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You can start investing with PickRight on your Bajaj Securities App and BFSL Website if you have your Demat and Trading account with us. For web users, you can go to the “menu” option on the top left corner and select “Ideas” from the list. App users can click on IDEAS at the bottom section of the app. Inside the IDEAS section, you can see the various investpacks and choose the pack that suits you. To open an account with us click here.

PickRight aims to make quality investment advice accessible to everyone. Any investor can choose from the various investment packs available on the Bajaj Securities App platform.

You can access various investpacks on BFSL platform. To access certain investpacks, you may have to pay a subscription fee, which is Portfolio Management Charges. Subscription fees are as low as Rs. 269 for six months. Invest in your favorite investpacks now!

Feel free to reach out to us at connect@bajajfinserv.in or call us at 18008338888.

Disclaimer: BFSL is only distributor of this product; These are not exchange traded products and all disputes with respect to the distribution activity, would not have access to exchange investor redressal forum or Arbitration mechanism. BFSL is not a registered Investment Advisory or Research entity. User discretion is required before investing.

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